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An Update from the Recreational Therapy Foundation

  Proving funding for research is a major goal of the Recreational Therapy Foundation, and with that aim in mind, we would like to acknowledge the following individuals for joining the 100@100 initiative.  The following individuals have stepped forward in the past year with their donation: Jim Ebel, Karen Grote, Becky Stackhouse, Molly Hayslett, and Michele Collins.

Are You Ready to Join the 100 @ 100?!

There are many ways to support the Recreational Therapy Foundation.  We would like to thank the many authors from Idyll Arbor Publishing & Venture Publishing who continue to donate royalties to the Foundation. 


We will have a booth at the ATRA Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan! from September 13–16. Come by our booth for some great giveaways, meet our board members, and win prizes. Your contributions assist us in providing grants for the research that supports our practice. 

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