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The Board of Directors of the Recreational Therapy Foundation (RTF) is committed to the highest level of professional and ethical standards in all areas of operation.  By virtue of its mission, the Foundation is responsible for the stewardship of funds, promoting the spirit of philanthropy, and realizing the vision of the Foundation- to recognize and support excellence in recreational therapy delivery, research and education.

The Foundation will exercise due diligence in its operations by communicating openly and honestly with all constituents – donors, grantees, and the general public.  In particular, the Foundation will conduct due diligence in the following ways:

§        RTF grants are only for educational and scientific purposes specific to realizing our vision of recognizing and supporting excellence in recreational therapy.

§        RTF promises to review proposals in an equitable manner with criteria specific to the competence of the applicants and the importance of the work proposed to the field of recreational therapy. We will insure that there is no conflict of interest among those judging proposals and the applicants.

RTF will expect compliance with the following. Grantees will:

§        Sign a contract of agreement between their organization and the RTF specifying responsibilities;

§        Complete reports specific to financial expenditures and completion of project tasks; and

§        Generate and disseminate a summary of research findings.

RTF will maintain a record of all grantees including their reports and project summaries.

RTF reserves the right to withhold funding to grantees who do not comply with our guidelines and oversight requirements.

RTF will be accepting grant applications until February 28, 2020 and will award grants in spring 2020. Grant awards may vary amount up to $2,500.

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